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Don't be muggy! Why 2020 is the time for a 'reality check'

Reflecting on the past decade, learn how reality TV can help your content marketing strategy thrive in 2020.

In between consuming my body weight in chocolate and beer this festive holiday, I’ve found myself watching an unhealthy amount of reality TV show.

You know, the kind of stuff that makes you shout “bitch” at the TV so many times that your neighbour probably thinks they’re living next to Jesse Pinkman.

Yet, it was in between watching Stu Deeley whip up a perfect three-course banquet in the final of MasterChef The Professionals and seeing Sam Thompson question his relationship with Zara on Made in Chelsea that I realised that reality TV has literally taken over the world over the past decade.

We’ve seen the host of the US version of The Apprentice become America’s president and one of the biggest hip-hop artists (and oddballs), Kanye West, marry the ‘Queen of reality television’, Kim Kardashian.

Heck, we’ve even seen one part of the UK’s most treasured TV double acts, Ant McPartlin, battle some career-threatening addictions.

The marketing bit

Reality TV has become so prominent over the past decade that big brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon.

Back in 2015, KFC allowed the BBC to film a behind-the-scenes TV documentary following the success of the one about Greggs. While over the past few years, social media has seen a ridiculous rise of Love Island influencers emerge – sigh! I remember a time when I used to watch I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and all of the celebrities had a genuine claim to fame, instead of getting their kit off on TV and shouting “muggy” every 10 seconds.

Yet, to ignore our culture’s addiction to reality TV would be foolish. No, this doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of pounds to get some Z-lister to flog your goods on Instagram or produce a lavish advert for media outlets.

Our appetite for reality TV lies in our love for realism. Your customers or clients no longer want a polished advert and cheesy piece of marketing collateral telling them what they need. They want to see your brand’s personality and story shine through before they take action.

This starts with the content you produce. This can be as simple as writing a Q&A blog on a new employee or taking some shots of your fun working environment and posting it on your social media channels with a quality caption.

Similarly, live social media sessions and email marketing newsletters will give your target audience a chance to get to know your brand.

Your audience wants to see the real brand behind all of the content marketing and advertising. So, if you’re going to start this decade off on the front foot, adding an air of reality and storytelling into your content is definitely the way forward.

Just maybe leave out any office dramas from your Christmas party!

Happy New Year.

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