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Breaking Bad grammar

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Want to know how to improve your spelling and grammar? If you’re serious about developing a reputable brand with a consistent tone of voice, you must ensure that your grammar and spelling is spot on. Learn how Breaking Bad can help you in this area...

In Breaking Bad, what makes Walter White different from any other cook, is his attention to detail. While some businesses and agencies may turn a blind eye to the odd grammatical error, it all boils down to one question: if you require neurosurgery, would you be happy if a nurse performed the procedure?

Granted, that’s an extreme example. I can also appreciate that most people can write. However, the difference between a successful content campaign and another piece of marketing bullshit starts with improving your spelling and grammar.

Make the right impression

If you’re going on a date or attending an interview, what do you do? For the most of us, we ‘dress to impress’. The same principle applies with your content.

According to usability.gov, “the first credibility cues are perceived very quickly.” In other words, the reputation of your brand is instantly judged within seconds. One disjointed sentence, or incorrect usage of ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ could be the difference between a sale or not.

Anecdotally, they found that younger respondents (under 27.9 years) were harsher on sites that had typos or broken links. Online tools such as grammarly and PaperRater are great for picking up spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in your work. They even offer you ways in which you can enhance and fine tune the style of your copy.

Get social

Running your social media channels at an event? Or need to make an important post over the weekend? Don’t cut corners.

In the social media realm, spelling errors are one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make. Last July, research found that 42.5% of consumers would be most influenced by spelling or grammar blunders. This figure was significantly higher than ‘Updates are too salesy’ (24.9%) and ‘Post updates too often’ (12.8%). In essence, this means if you continually publish social media posts riddled with errors, there’s a high probability that you’re putting them off your brand. 

If you’re managing your social media channels on the go, I recommend downloading two apps. To check for glaring grammatical errors and spelling mishaps, I’d use CorrectMe Pro.

The app is extremely user-friendly and it only costs $5.99 for the Pro version. (Which is relatively cheap compared to the others on the market.)

My other recommendation is an app called Capitona. While this doesn’t improve your grammar, it does help you add a little creativity to your Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram posts. Simply upload your images or videos to the app, and it’ll generate some cool captions for you to choose from. It only costs $0.99 too.

Get learning

While fancy apps and extensions may save a few blushes, there’s no harm in brushing up on the basics of the English language.

In fact, if you’re currently single, I seriously suggest you take note. Further reports from usability.gov state that 43% of online daters consider bad grammar as unattractive, while 35% think good usage is appealing.

Try Nevile Gwynne’s ‘Good grammar test’.

Take Mike’s advice

In season 3 of Breaking Bad, Mike tells Walter White: “No more half measures”. So, if you want the purest content, you could hire a professional. Here at Content Chef, I endeavour to always provide the best freelance copywriting service in the Bristol and Bath area.

As a connoisseur in the content industry, I use my knowledge of the English language and experience in marketing to deliver precise pieces of copy.

For more details on my Bristol-based copywriting services, get in touch with me today.

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