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With over 30 million users in the UK, Facebook is an essential social media channel for any business.

We'll help you engage, promote and drive traffic to your website through topical content and creative posts. Within the first month, we guarantee that you'll see an increase in likes, shares and users.

Whether your aim is to sell a product to a consumer, or to heighten the presence of your business within the Facebook community, we can help.

In the first three months, we've helped our previous clients generate a 221.43% increase in new users via Facebook.



With over 500 million users in the world, LinkedIn is the ultimate place for business professionals to mingle.

Here at Content Chef, we'll sit down with you and create a complete social selling strategy for your employees and company to implement.

Using well-crafted content, engaging posting, irresistible techniques via InMail, we'll create tangible leads for you to close.

Our previous client achieved a 125.71% increase in new users after only three months of using our social media management services.


If your product or service is worthy of a picture, Instagram is the key to building brand awareness.

Whether you're a car dealer or a travel agency, our social media management skills can ensure your company is brought to life through punchy captions, targeted hashtag use and a beautiful looking profile.

We'll help you develop a loyal following who look to your page for inspiration within your industry.

In the past, we've helped a major financial corporate company increase their following by a staggering 770% in the first 24 hours

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