The Naked Chef.

Here we are, all exposed. We reveal how we went from one man and his dog to an award-winning copywriting and digital content marketing agency in Cheltenham.  

A homemade recipe to success.

Our journey originally started in 2017 as a solo adventure in a tiny little flat on the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. After many years of learning his craft in several agencies and brands, Daryl was ready to share his signature style with the content marketing world.

A career as a freelance copywriter soon turned into a thriving boutique digital content marketing agency in Cheltenham. And to this very day, we still proudly stick to the same recipe that got us from one man and his dog to a team of expert content marketers.  

As a collective, we see words as an opportunity to creatively express an idea and inspire people. Not an excuse to overcomplicate simple messages by using the longest words in the Oxford Dictionary.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to storytelling in everything we do. To make your message resonate with the target audience and get them taking action, you need authentic quality content that’s true to your brand.

We have a very simple motto that everyone is reminded of before they start a new day – “To leave yourself at the door. Only storytellers allowed in here.”

Our team wear many hats and will only use words that mean something to your brand.

While defining the right content marketing strategy is essential, writing quality copy is an essential ingredient for influencing your target audience.

We place content at the heart of everything we do, whether we’re setting up a Facebook Ads campaign for a new product or writing an in-depth white paper. Before we start any copywriting or digital content marketing project, we take the time to understand your tone of voice, objectives and target audience.

We then use these details to find an angle and create a purpose-driven message in your own words. It’s what makes us, us.

Our ingredients.

We’re frank.

Your best interests are our number one priority. Forget confusing jargon. We’ll always say how it is and advise you on the best plan of action to ensure you make more dough.  

We’re real.

There are no smoke and mirrors with us. We’re warm, authentic and approachable. But most importantly, we’re a lot of fun to work with, even before having a few sherbets.

We’re storytellers.

As Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” We’re here to help you find your true voice and the right words to make a big impact in the digital world.

meet the team.

The Content Chefs.

At the pass with their keyboards at the ready are a team of creative copywriters, marketing masters and PPC/SEO specialists. Get your creep on and see what they’re made of.

Content Chef - Daryl Charman - Head Copywriter and Director


Head Copywriter and Director

Our very own Gordon Ramsay, with fewer wrinkles (currently) and a passion for words beginning with F, including football, films and food. Over the past decade, Daryl has helped an array of businesses and agencies globally make more dough through copywriting, social media and content marketing.  

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Content Chef - Chloe Litt - Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Chloe is the unofficial “Mother Hen” of the group, with an impressive record of delivering digital marketing campaigns for various notable brands, including Pets at Home and Sony. She plays a crucial role in the creative ideas and strategy process and fuelling the team with delicious cake.

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Content Chef -  Archie Edwards - Copywriter



Archie started his journey into the world of content marketing and copywriting after an academic background in English Literature. When he’s not cooking up a content storm or bringing creative ideas to the boil, Archie enjoys making music, reading and trying out local ales around Bristol.

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Content Chef -  Anil Shemar - SEO and PPC Specialist


SEO and PPC Specialist

Anil lives and breathes digital. Combining his vast experience of delivering successful SEO and PPC campaigns with our love of the written word has enabled us to provide bigger and better results for our clients. Just never let him buy a round of drinks at a bar; there’s no turning back.    

Content Chef -  Eirian Williams - Marketing Executive


Marketing Executive

After studying English at UCL, Eirian embarked upon a career in writing. Now, she’s excited to combine her wordsmithery with her social media and marketing skills. Outside work, you’ll find her perusing puppy Insta pages, listening to French podcasts, or rewatching Call Me By Your Name for the 187th time.

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Content Chef -  Anil Shemar - SEO and PPC Specialist


Head of Happiness

Monkey is officially the happiest soul in the business. When he’s not going on long runs with his dog Dad or wooing clients, you’ll probably see him being a nuisance in the background on a virtual call. The quickest way to his heart? A Jumbone, a fresh blanket and Barry White’s discography (don’t ask).