The perfect blend: What makes a website copywriter crème de la crème?

The perfect blend: What makes a website copywriter crème de la crème?
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Discover why copywriters for websites are the dog’s bollocks of content marketing. From SEO research to content strategy and creation, investing in the right website copywriter can make all the difference to your business.

We don’t buy from salesmen for the suits they wear. We get persuaded by the words they speak. 

So, while the design and visuals are integral when investing in a website, we can’t neglect the words on the page like some “do it later” afterthought.

After all, copywriting provides your business with its means of communication. Without it, you simply won’t be able to tell your story or persuade visitors to buy your products/services.

Therefore, it’s damn right essential! And as seasoned website copywriters here at Content Chef, we’re here to tell you why.  

Why specialist website copywriters are important

If your business is to attract leads, keep their attention and generate conversions (make money), your website needs to get found (via SEO) and speak the language of your audience.

So, you could say that website copywriting is arguably one of the most critical components of digital marketing.

If you’ve tried already, you’ll know copywriting for websites is no walk in the park. Despite being the expert with all the vision and answers, it's tough writing website copy, even when it’s your business.  

That’s where quality website copywriters come in. It takes experience, confidence, and an essential understanding of the business, products/services, industry, and values.

In some ways, copywriters for websites become spokespeople for businesses. Alongside showcasing an excellent writing ability, it takes lots of research and a willingness to know the business inside out so we can speak on its behalf.

Essentially, you need to trust us, and we need to earn that trust with our competency across the following website copywriting services.  

4 essential website copywriting services

Now you understand the importance of a website copywriter, let’s look at what to expect from their services:

1.     Getting visitors to your site with SEO

A website ranking high in search engines is a huge reason for any business to invest in anew site. So, the first job on the list of a website copywriter is SEO research.

Unless they have support from dedicated SEO specialists, copywriters for websites must take on the role and complete the following tasks:

  • Identify the main keywords for your business.
  • Support these main keywords with long-tail keywords (Search queries, keyword variations, related keywords, etc.).
  • Use local SEO keywords if necessary.
  • Competitor research (keyword gaps).

Knowing what keywords apply to your business gives website copywriters the best chance of finding ranking opportunities and optimising your content. Because when people browse online, searching for products and services, we want your business to popup as high as possible on that search.

2.     Making sure things stay neat and tidy

Next, before copywriters for websites have even written a single word, they need to apply a strategy. This strategy is based on structuring your website to be functional and easy to navigate.

Here at Content Chef, we like to think about client websites as if they’re shops outside on some digital high street. Walk into any shop, and it’s nice when things are laid out neatly and ordered correctly. Imagine going into a greengrocer for some apples, but the vegetables and fruit are mixed up all over the place. It wouldn’t make for a pleasurable shopping experience. 

What copywriters for websites do is order your things into sections with the correct framework. If too many of your pages compete for the same keyword, it causes a “cannibalisation” effect where your pages fight against each other instead of your competitors.

Website copywriters will divide your website into various pages/sections and optimise the content with the corresponding keywords, serving your user experience (UX)with a tidy layout and SEO incentives with an effective keyword strategy. 

3.     Content creation

Ok, now for the juicy bit and what the best copywriters for websites are truly known for – the words on the page.

As I said before, writing website copy is trickier than the average blog or social media post. Going back to the shop analogy, imagine your shop sign and window display. Its job is to capture the attention of the passers-by before persuading them to come inside. This effect on a website requires snappy headers that force your reader to keep scrolling.

Once inside and browsing, you must have all the relevant information readily available to answer any questions without bombarding your visitors with too much detail. Website copywriting is a fine balance between charm and comfort that doesn’t try to sell too much but doesn’t ignore your visitor's valuable time and attention. 

To give this some context, 80% of people only read headlines, and the rest only consume 20% of content on a website page. Any good website copywriter will know this and format your content in line with the UX. 

As copywriters like Bob Bly and David Ogilvy suggest, "Spend 50% of your time writing your headline."

Copywriters for websites must also adopt your brand’s unique tone of voice (TOV) and technical expertise while making the copy as readable as possible. The best copy is simple to read without being boring. Depending on your industry and specialism, this can be a challenging task, but one that will distinguish the better website copywriters from the rest.

4.     Edits and amends

After finishing the initial drafts and your website copywriter is happy with the overall piece, they’ll send it over for review. As the client, you’re more than entitled to provide feedback and ask for changes to anything you’re not sure about. It’s your website at the end of the day.

What makes the best copywriters for websites is ensuring their clients are happy with the copy, and that it speaks on behalf of the business as if you were talking to customers and clients in person.

Because when it goes live, you want to make sure there are no mistakes that might make your visitors cringe and bounce with no plans to return. Once you launch, the aim is for your website to skyrocket and not have to come back down to earth for any unnecessary errors. After all, grammar matters.

Speak to an expert website copywriter today

At Content Chef, no greater challenge gets our taste buds tingling more than a new client website through the door. We appreciate the importance of getting your website copy just right, no matter how complex or creative.  

To get a wider overview of our website copywriting credentials, take a look at our case studies or get in touch

Written by Archie Edwards
Archie Edwards - Content Chef