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We generated big digits for the UK’s leading SMS marketing platform via social media marketing, copywriting, blogging and whitepaper creation.

Textlocal were looking to generate a regular number of sign-ups to their innovative SaaS platform for SMS marketing.

Using our content and social media marketing expertise, we created a variety of digital and printed collateral for this leading tech company, including an in-depth 50-page white paper. In the space of 6 months, we helped boost sign-ups by 911% via social media content and blogs, plus a further 1,878 sign-ups thanks to our SEO website copywriting.

The results:

  • 1,878 sign-ups via SEO website copywriting and blogging
  • 911% increase in sign-ups via social media and blogs
  • 30% increase in engagement rates in the first 3 months

“Really amazing work – so impressed by how much you manage to get out and the quality. Thanks for representing us so well."
Alastair Shortland – Textlocal