Why do I need a copywriter?

Why do I need a copywriter?
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Whether it’s an SEO copywriting expert to help improve Google rankings or a social media specialist to spice up your posts, discover why hiring a copywriter could be the best decision you make all year.

When it comes to copywriting, you might find marketing agencies and businesses trying to cut corners. But to create compelling content, you don’t need a swindler, you need a specialist.

A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the average person’s attention span has dropped to eight seconds. To put that into perspective, a goldfish can focus for more time (nine seconds!).

With that in mind, you need to make every word count. No fluff or jargon, just pure quality content that generates results. That’s where a top-quality copywriter from a leading digital content marketing agency comes in.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter provides various writing services to engage consumers with businesses, be it their products, services, or ideas. Ultimately, copywriters use their writing ability to persuade people to buy stuff!

A list of copywriting services includes:

·       SEO blog writing

·       Website copywriting

·       White paper writing

·       Email marketing content

·       E-book copywriting

·       Case study copywriting

·       Social media content

·       Video marketing copywriting

·       Direct mail copywriting

·       Infographic content

What distinguishes a copywriter from a regular writer is their purpose. A purpose beset on transforming the ordinary reader into a fanatical consumer.

Essentially, a copywriter is supposed to evoke a sense of action in the reader. This could involve consumers engaging further with a business, subscribing to their email list, or even purchasing something directly from their website.

The history of copywriting goes back hundreds of years to when the first printed papers were distributed out on the streets. Despite the rise of the digital world with social media and video content, copywriting remains a vital marketing service that's adapted and established itself, generation on generation.

And when we see the average person consumes the volume of 34 Gigabytes of information each day, if anything, the need for compelling content to break through the static has never been so essential.

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is a specialist skill, never mind field of work. Some would go as far as saying it’s an art form. Professional copywriters train for years to ensure they generate the right marketing results for brands, no matter the style or industry sector.

Achieve the results you want

The beauty of hiring a quality copywriter is that they already know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't in your industry.  

In fact, those who invest in professional content achieve nearly six times more conversions than their competitors. And while content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it still generates more than three times as many leads.

A casing example is social media. Getting one of your marketing employees to look after this side of your business is a rookie mistake as it can stunt your year-on-year growth.

Sure, any man and his dog can generate ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ nowadays. But do they know how to substitute the 'pretty' stats and replace them with pure sales? After all, 200 likes with a low number of clicks on Facebook is no match for 5 new customers worth X number of pounds in revenue.

Be on-trend

Being “on-trend” means more in the world of copywriting than knowing the latest lingo. If you want to generate organic traffic, your content needs to move with the times, while working within Google's SEO guidelines.

All professional copywriters create compelling pieces of copy that are Google-friendly.

A prime example is SEO blog writing. Blogs have become another vital means for copywriters to generate traffic for their clients via search engines and across social media platforms.

99 Firms report that 61% of consumers have made a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog.

So, as much as putting together a top-performing post requires an expert who stays in touch with social trends and has a knack for whipping up irresistible headlines, it also requires an SEO strategy and keyword research as a minimum.

Save time

In an ideal world, you'd be able to cover all operations at your business or agency.

However, if you wish to grow and expand your brand further, eventually there won't be enough time in the day.

A professional copywriter can give you the time to at least take a well-deserved lunch break or even focus on other areas of the business that need your attention.

Quite simply, send a brief with a deadline, and you'll receive a high-quality piece of content with all the bells and whistles attached.

Remember, the copywriter must prove their work is worth your time. After all, they want you to hire them again. Plus, because they specialise in writing, they can whizz through content at a higher standard and much faster rate than you see the average person complete their opening introduction.

If time is of the essence for content creation and completion, then hiring a professional copywriter is a no brainer.

Cut costs, not quality

If you want to achieve a strong ROI, then don't cut corners on content creation. Ask yourself: if you require neurosurgery, would you be happy if a nurse performed the procedure?

In other words, a marketing assistant may work in the same sector, but they most likely don't possess the same creative flair and literary skillset as a professional copywriter. And then there's the issue of bad grammar and spelling mistakes!

Hiring a copywriter can help you save money too. At Content Chef, we pride ourselves on delivering highly effective and inexpensive options for businesses and agencies across multiple industries.

Hire a professional copywriter

Instead of employing a permanent member of staff, try our copywriting services as and when you need them.

There are no permanent costs or pension schemes to worry about. We offer competitive rates on an hourly and project by project basis.

Get in touch with us to discuss your content marketing needs with one of our expert professional copywriters.