Truth or fantasy: Will AI replace copywriters?

Truth or fantasy: Will AI replace copywriters?
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Is AI set to take over copywriting as we know it? Discover how AI copywriting works and whether it’s capable of replacing an experienced copywriter.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) copywriting tools are sweeping across the marketing landscape like a horde of bloodthirsty cyborgs.

But all jokes aside, we may speak for most copywriters when we say that we’d be forgiven for considering our career prospects with a shade of doubt for the future.

So, are we genuinely entering a new dawn of AI writing tools with the power to replace copywriters?

While business owners might be licking their lips at the prospect of 24/7 writing tools that need no motivation, salary, or a morning coffee to get going, let’s explore the validity of these remarks before we begin dusting off our CVs.

What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is computer-generated writing software that uses sophisticated language processing tools to produce copy for marketing purposes.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, users can input their desired topics, information and content requirements for the AI writing tool to attempt to produce.

Depending on the type of writing tool, users can choose between long-form content and short-form with a specific tone-of-voice (TOV) or brand guidelines.

In theory, AI writing tools can produce marketing copy, landing pages, business names, slogans and even blog topics and articles.

Simply add your headline and content requirements, and away you go!

Sounds too good to be true. So, is it?  

How does AI copywriting work?

With machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and immeasurable access to online data, AI writing tools process and learn from pre-existing information in line with your desired topic.

AI topic-generator tools can provide ideas for blogs while including targeted keywords. Some AI writing tools can automatically generate SEO content briefs regarding your topic with an outline of structure that appeals to the relevant long-tail keywords.

With your topic, brief and outline in place, AI writing tools then attempt to produce each section of content with NLP capabilities.

In essence, the machine takes the “copy” from copywriting and gives it the meaning we’re more familiar with.

Yes. Unlike the true meaning of copywriting, it literally copies and regurgitates existing content.

After all, it’s only a robot. It still can’t think like a human (yet).  

No doubt, the sophistication on offer is enough to admire as a technological phenomenon. And many businesses are applying AI copywriting tools to help boost productivity.

For example, the American Marketing Association (AMA) uses an AI writing tool to generate newsletter content for its hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In using subscriber data and personalisation techniques, it can customise headlines and content for specific consumers.

Impressive, for sure. But can an AI writing tool really contend with an experienced copywriter?  

Will AI take over copywriting?

Will AI takeover copywriting today, tomorrow, or next week? I don’t think so.

Regardless of whether a copywriter writes the piece or not, you still require someone with a writing pedigree to analyse and edit the work.

In no way, shape or form are AI writing tools the perfect solution to your copywriting requirements. The consensus seems to be that an AI writing tool can get you started on your content but won’t finish the job.

For a final version of high-quality copy and content, you still need to edit, add further points and sprinkle a human touch to make the piece a bit more…human.

After all, copywriting is much more than the words on the page. We research clients and their competitors with SEO expertise before typing, editing, and publishing.

No doubt. Churning out soulless content to meet tight deadlines may reflect the work of a disengaged, average-at-best copywriter.

No offence, but if you write like a robot, it makes sense that a robot will soon emulate your work.

But while artificial intelligence is “intelligent” in its own right, it lacks the all-important intelligence of creativity and the ability to feel. It’s a by-product of human creation but is programmed to merely copy and rearrange.

It isn’t there to think or create.  

It doesn’t know what it’s like to fall in love, to lose someone or to feel something spiritual.

The experiences are based on logic, not experience.

So, in the end, it comes down to how much you value quality and authenticity in your work. Do you want your prospects to feel something? Or do you simply want them to understand what you do?

I know what option I’d pick.

Copywriting is tough. And I’ll be honest. There are a lot of copywriting cowboys out there. So, it’s no wonder they’re creating robots to attempt to do the job more efficiently for us.

But that doesn’t make it redundant as a profession.

Canva is one of the most successful DIY tools for design, but graphic designers still exist. In the same way, regular checkouts co-exist alongside self-checkouts.

Bias or not. I believe an experienced, professional and creative copywriter is far superior to an AI writing tool.

I believe in great content that has an authentic edge that aligns with your business. Rather than a duplicated alternative version of the average, which still requires editing.

So, for average at best content that requires a professional editor, go for an AI writing tool.

But if you want a creator of content that understands your business from a personal POV, can tell stories, evoke emotion and be at one with the latest trends and lingo, then you should choose a quality copywriter.

Hire a helping (human) hand for your copywriting

At Content Chef, we believe that creativity, authenticity and quality should be the core ingredients of all our content marketing services.

We give our copywriters the tools and time to understand your business so they can write authentic content that speaks the language of your brand. Our standards to deliver excellence and exceed expectations is what helps us produce high-quality content that connects you with your consumer.

To find out more about our copywriting services, get in touch today.  

Written by Archie Edwards
Archie Edwards - Content Chef